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Meadowlark staff group photo forming letter D

Welcome to Meadowlark Elementary, where We Facilitate Innovative Education for Today’s Learners.  This school is a 5th and 6th grade elementary and a unique state of the art facility, built in 2016. 

A staple of Meadowlark each year will focus on activities that build our community, where students and staff learn about each other and learn how to work together to achieve success.  Our motto is to Be Positive, Be Purposeful, Be Passionate!

We will focus on two types of goals each year. One goal will be to create a culture unlike any other in our district where collaboration and collective efficacy are at the forefront of everything we do. 

Another  goal is to focus on academic achievement results.  This goal will be measured using our STAR, and WY-TOPP assessment results in reading and math.  Three specific action activities to help accomplish this goal are:

  • Planning and employing a common curriculum for all learners.
  • Implementing highly engaging and rigorous instructional design to prepare students for the next level.
  • Providing feedback to parents & students in more meaningful and constructive ways.

You can contact me at 307-771-2260 if you have any questions or concerns about Meadowlark Elementary.  I will do my best to help resolve them. You can also find many of our events and progress on this webpage. Please follow us on the new SchoolWay app designed to streamline communication efforts from Meadowlark to all stakeholders.

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